Friday, November 1, 2019

Business Aspects of the School Community Human Resources and School Essay - 2

Business Aspects of the School Community Human Resources and School Finance - Dis 10 - Essay Example Their view is based on the rationale of awarding bonuses on the basis of the achievement of their students (Brimley, Garfield & Verstegen, 2008). The idea of performance based payment package is an attribute with its own advantages and disadvantages. There is the benefit derived from the hard work that is attained on teachers in an effort to have an excellent output on students. The assumption is that as the students are involved in excellent gain academically, then teachers will benefit a lot through an increased pay. Merit pay is a performance based approach that forms the foundation of an excellent education system. The idea is a propagated agenda that calls for rewarding of teachers who helps in the attainment of a student improvement platform in their academic work. The policy of merit reward is in line with the system of work that is experience in the private sector. The possibility of testing the knowledge acquired by students is a critical benchmark in revealing the effectiveness of teachers. There are benefits associated with a standardized tests program that are extremely helpful to students (Brimley, Garfield & Verstegen, 2008). There exists the advantage of a better jobs being offered to the scholars. This is an attribute that emanates from strong academic pedigree that belongs to high quality scholars from the merit pay based system. These scholars are, therefore, critical enough in offering a powerful decision point in expert thinking and support system. The potential of Tennessee scholars extends to being awarded scholarship programs. This is on the basis of strong candidate potential that is a guarantee of top performers. Merit pay is an initiative that goes an extra mile in helping to recruit the best minds. Teachers who are intelligent and portray an effective approach to their profession are contained in the school administration through an increased pay. The merit pay approach

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