Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ecological Dimension of Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Ecological Dimension of Globalization - Essay Example Venturing into a new nation drives a company to integrate the cultural characteristics, and the government rules and regulations. Thus it creates a major integration of cultures around the globe. Globalization influences the economic, the political, the social as well as the ecological balance. Even the companies around the world have realized this that the long term growth depends on saving the natural resources and utilize them properly such that the ecological balance is maintained throughout. In recent times the ecological perspective of globalization has a major contribution to the growth and development of a nation and has therefore raised the most significant concern centering on globalization. Ecological Globalization: Buckley observes that the ecosystems take into account the admixing of substances through transmission of air particles, movement of water body and movement and migration of the animals and the people around the globe. All these form major routes of connectivit y in the ecosystems. There is a single atmosphere connecting the globe. The transportation of gases, minerals, even the biodegradable materials cause a great deal of harm to the natural environment. This causes a particular phenomenon called ‘greenlash’ which is caused when transformations in the environment bounded in a smaller area have an astonishing effect in broader areas. The heavy draught in 1930 had a severe effect on the farmers across Midwest of U.S. The dearth of crops led to soil erosion and degradation and it caused powerful dust storms. This huge blow of dusty winds resulted in the so-called ‘infamous Dust Bowl’, which degraded the quality of air and affected the health patterns of the public at large throughout the country. Due to increasing Globalization taking place, there has been an inadvertent introduction of harmful species and pathogens like fire ants from South America and the SARS virus being transported from China, which could have an overwhelming effect on the society at large. Sources revealed that the USA currently allocates about $120 billion per year to eradicate the harmful species causing a lot of harm. So proper diagnosis of the ecosystem will help in unearthing the unknown movement of the harmful species and thus could save the ecology. Buckley suggests provision of information regarding processes that encircle a larger area of time and space and also proper analysis of the processes that cover the genomic and expand to continental from every bit to decades. Moreover understanding the social and behavioral patterns of the human movements in scientific models and unleashing the connectivity patterns among the ecosystems will provide a lot of help to gauge accurate predictions of any future ecological transformation. (Buckley) Study of a Physicist group on Carbon dioxide capturing from air: Rudolf observes that in the recent times some of the greatest minds have been thinking over the issue of reducing the threat emanating from the climatic change that has preoccupied the world, thanks to the effect of Globalization, which although has helped in making the bigger world a smaller place, but has contributed to ecological imbalance. In recent times with greater globalization and technological advancement the pollution in air has increased manifold. So the eminent experts are now considering a newer and effective vision of capturing carbon dioxide from air. This concept has undergone major difference with pulling out carbon dioxide from the reactors and coal-based plants before the gas makes its entry into the air. But doubts have been raised in serious terms whether the project of capturing carbon dioxide from air is economically viable as pulling out 1 ton of Carbon

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