Sunday, October 6, 2019

Homelessness in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Homelessness in the United States - Essay Example In addition to this, the opinions about the appropriate salary of both the employer and employee do not coincide. Thus, young people are looking or a job but they cannot get through it. As a result it pushes them to work illegally, to commit a crime or to take drugs and at the end it results in poverty or housing problems. The main task of the government should be the creation of working places for young people in order to bring new ideas to our economy. Another one problem is that the world is facing a drug crisis. There are more young people becomes addicted today than ever before. There are three main types of drugs hard, soft and legal. They can all cause addiction, serious illness and even death. Hard drugs include heroin, cocaine, LSD. To soft drugs we relate marijuana, solvents, ecstasy. Tobacco, alcohol and certain tranquilizers are in the group of legal drugs ( Thousands of drug-addicts die every year. Some die from drugs themselves, while others die from AIDS. Nev ertheless, those people are dangerous because they may infect others. In addition to this a problem of homelessness appeared. Such category of people includes those who cannot afford to pay a house rent, those who have no personal identification documents and so forth. In this occasion such people come to the street in search of free accommodation. Usually people may be frightened of them without understanding the background and as a result they will not help them. Moreover, the problem of criminality exists.  

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