Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Research Differentiatin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Research Differentiatin - Essay Example l design, the researchers were able to demonstrate conditions which have caused judges to treat cases related to gender violence in a more punitive and serious manner than before. The research design was used to demonstrate changes within the sentencing attitudes in abuse cases. The article â€Å"Investigating the Relationship between Justice-Vengeance Motivations and Punitive Sentencing Recommendations† is based on an experimental research design (Murray, Thomson, Cooke & Charles, 2013). The experimental design enabled the researchers to have control over the variables of the experiment (Hagan, 2011). This design allowed the researchers to gather qualitative data on how vengeance and justice motivations influenced punitive sentencing in criminal judicial processes. Through the experimental design, valid findings were obtained and used to make credible inferences and recommendations on the topic under study (Elliott, Thomas & Ogloff, 2011). On the basis of a case study design, Lin, Grattet & Petersilia (2012) present credible quantitative research findings in their article â€Å"Justice By Other Means: Venue Sorting In Parole Revocation†. The researchers used California prisons as a case study, upon which they were able to investigate institutional culture and procedures of California’s parole revocation system. They based their study on the issue of processing or sorting venues for the revocation of parole. The case study design enabled the researchers to come up with in-depth or comprehensive data, which can be generalized and applied within other parole systems (Elliott, Thomas & Ogloff, 2011). Through a case study design, Galletly, Pinkerton & DiFranceisco (2012) reveal quantitative research findings on Michigans Criminal HIV Exposure Law among HIV positive individuals. The Michigan case study was used to narrow the research into a specific and researchable example (Staton-Tindall, McNees, Leukefeld, Walker, Thompson, Pangburn & Oser, 2009). The case study

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