Monday, September 2, 2019

Book Review on Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe :: Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe Essays

Book Review on Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe The book I have chosen to do review on is "Robinson Crusoe". The author of the book is Daniel Defoe. The book was first published in 1719. The publishers that published the book were Penguin. Robinson Crusoe wanted to be sailor but his family wouldn't let him. When he got older he left and became a sailor. He went to South America and bought his own cotton farm. He had to make a voyage to Africa to get some slaves. On the way the ship got caught in a storm and it was destroyed. When Robinson woke up, e was on a beech. All the men were dead except him. He went and got what supplies that were left on the boat. He lived on the island for 30 years. On certain times Cannibals came and he had to fight them off. The Main character in this book is Robinson Crusoe; he is the character through out the book. The minor characters are Friday; Robinson Crusoe Friend and the Captain. This two minor character affect the plot. The relationships between the main and minor characters are, they are friends. The conflicts that the characters face are Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, and Man vs. himself. The type of work he uses in the story is -Novel. The Genre of the book is Adventure and novel of isolation The language used is English. The author used good language in the book; it was also easy to read. The dialogue used in the novel is realistic among the characters. Robinson Crusoe is both the narrator and main character of the book. Crusoe narrates in both the first and third person presenting only what he himself observes. He occasionally describes his feelings but only when they are overwhelming. Usually, he favours a more narrative style to focus on actions and events. Robinson Crusoe is also the protagonist in the novel. The major conflicts are - Shipwrecked alone, Crusoe Struggles against hardship, privation, loneliness and cannibals in his attempt to survive on a desert island. The rising action in the book is that Crusoe disobeys his father and goes out to sea. Crusoe has a profitable first merchant voyage, has fantasies o success In Brazil and prepares for slave gathering expedition while the falling action is that Crusoe constructs a shelter, secures a food supply and accepts his stay on the island as

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