Thursday, September 26, 2019

Managing People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing People - Essay Example In the context of the Morgans Hotel Group which makes use of the bureaucratic organisational structure that does not provide the opportunity of incorporate changes within the organisation’s structure along with its strategies and systems and also it does not practice the performance appraisal system among the employees (Morgans Group LLC, 2012). Performance appraisal is one of the crucial approaches which facilities to accomplish the individual’s job performance and to enhance productivity that would benefit Morgans to increase its efficiency in the work process. It would enable Morgans to assess the positive aspects of an employee’s performance over a certain period of time and also to analyse the areas the employee requires to improve. It would facilitate Morgans to increase its customer loyalty and its brand recognition, resulting in its profit maximisation. In the service industry in which Morgans operates, customer satisfaction is one of the prime attributes which it needs to meet on a regular basis. This aspect can only be attained by happy and contented employees of the organisation and their contentment can be largely ensured with the help of a well-documented performance appraisal and up-to-date job description (Pettijohn & et. al., 2001). Thus, the absence of such mechanisms and structures can impede Morgans Hotel Group from leveraging complete benefits out of their employees which would certainly create hindrance for it to maintain sustainability. Part 2 Alternative Models of Leadership in the Organisation Level Situational Leadership Model The situational leadership model essentially mentions about the leadership method that takes place according to the circumstances faced by the organisations. According to the developers of situational leadership model Ken Blanchard along with Paul Hersey, situational leadership is based on relationship among certain variables such as, The task behaviour of a leader involves the communication l evel of clarifying the detailed information about the work and with an estimated time as well as the working procedures for the task to every individual or group in the organisation. In the similar context, the relationship behaviour of a leader incorporates providing socio-emotional sustainability to the employees by human motivational actions, such as appreciation, reward and recognition among others. Moreover, readiness of an individual or a group signifies the ability to acquire the responsibilities of self directing and working independently in terms of a particular task (Watkins, n. d.). However, the situational model of leadership style entails the directive parts of task behaviour which is an important part for Morgans to explain the works that are to be done by its employees. The socio-emotional factors necessitate the various motivational skills that a leader or a manager of Morgans Hotel Group is required to practice in order to increase the willingness regarding their sp ecific tasks. Participative Leadership Style The model brings about the effects of the values of the opinions or the ideas from each individual of

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