Thursday, September 26, 2019

Facilities Management Programmes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Facilities Management Programmes - Essay Example At the same time, the government has also been committed to the provision of better services in the health, transport, education and other key sectors. In addition, the economies of scale have forced many companies to outsource the services of other companies, and have been observed across the board, for both the private and the public sectors (Wood 2007). The emphasis here of course, has been a need to have growth in such sectors as education, healthcare and utilities. The government too has largely been credited for the outsourcing programmes in the public sector, in a quest to improve and upgrade accommodation, housing and other related services. To this end, the design, finance, build and operate contracting has especially found use in hospitals and schools (CFM 2002). The upgrading and support services provision of outmoded facilities has also not been left out. Given the needs as well as the projected growth of the facilities market in the united kingdom, it is only in order that there be qualified and well trained property managers who will comfortably handle such issue as space design and management, the procurement of facilities, the computation and analysis of facilities costs, as well as the handling of taxation of the same (Chapman 2008). With the rapid rise in technology, and the bar in the ma... rs, it is also important that those managers receives the latest training on computer-aided management of facilities, so as to keep abreast with the dynamic changes in the sector. The onus is on the administrators of the institutions of higher learning in the United Kingdom that offers course if facilities or property management to ensure that their graduates receive training that in s in line with the market requirements (CFM 2002). Otherwise, there is every possibility that they will not only be overtaken by technological changes, but also that they may not impact positively as future property managers. 2. Problem statement The prevailing global credit crunch has especially handed the property market a serious blow. Owing to the numerous losses that these clients may have suffered, there is every need for the industry to ensure that they win back the confidence of the consumers. At the same time, the housing market and the real estate businesses are progressing fast against a backdrop of reducing building space (CFM 2002). This has thus ensured that the property procurement protocols have become more compels by the day. Globalization has also ensured that investors put their money in diversified locations whose property rules differ, and this means that a property managers has to keep abreast with the advances in development of the industry. For this reason, there is a need that the institutions of learning are able to tailor their programmes to suit the need of the market (Nutt & McLennan 2000). Furthermore, clients are becoming sophisticated by the day, while competition in the facilities management demands astute management skills, prompting the industry to seek out shrewd property managers who cab be able to wither the storm (Graham & Price 2000). The

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