Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Women in the work place (is there still glass ceiling Essay

Women in the work place (is there still glass ceiling - Essay Example Seek sponsors and mentors: Mentors should always be able to couch or train you in areas of difficulty or less knowledge by just following their footsteps. They do not necessarily have to be people in high management levels. Those in the top may not have time for you. Sponsors are top or senior level persons or leaders who can make decisions in an organization. They must be willing to advocate for you. Be a risk taker: Adjust your attitude towards failure and never get scared. Keep venturing into several opportunities to improve your knowledge and experience. Have confidence and take time for personal networking for back up incase of a stumble. Develop emotional intelligence: You must bear self-awareness and learn to listen before you react. â€Å"Seek first to understand and then to be understood – Stephen Covey†. Ethics and your code of conduct mean a lot to the people that surround you. People always want to work with someone who has integrity, caring and

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