Sunday, July 28, 2019

Did Lyndon Baine Johnson or Martin Luther King have a bigger impact on Research Paper

Did Lyndon Baine Johnson or Martin Luther King have a bigger impact on the Voting Rights Act of 1965 - Research Paper Example It is also of utmost importance to mention that this was a culmination of efforts of several proponents of change. Change, as usual, is normally met with resistance and this was not an exception. This change was still being waited for despite the provisions in the fifteenth amendment. After a speech to the congress on the importance of the matter, the president set the mood for a second thought on how American society was going to effect changes that forever set USA on a democratic course (Taylor, 49). One cannot fail to observe that Fifteenth Amendment of the US Constitution was clear that it guaranteed every US citizen the right to vote. This right to vote was supposed to be observed without regard to race or color. Nonetheless, almost a decade later, there were elements of discriminatory practices, intimidation, and violence that still persisted. These practices were what led to the rise of the civil movement led by Martin Luther King since they were transformed into policies that aimed at depriving the minorities, particularly African Americans in the Jim Crow South, of their right to vote. The life of Martin Luther King Junior has deservingly been accorded very many citations and legendary recognition for the simple fact that he believed in justice and equality and fought relentlessly for the rights of the oppressed minorities. He is the major character that is associated with the civil rights movement given his vocal opinions about the matter (Laughlin, 65). It has been observed that although there were other proponents of the movement, perhaps his oratory skills that echoed the concerns is what earned him the recognition. True, he deserved it. During the early middle and late 1950, Luther was one of the nation’s frontline black leaders. As an eloquent speaker blessed with an oratorical style and diction that was very compelling, he was calm, confident but serious

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