Monday, July 22, 2019

Video game and violent movies Essay Example for Free

Video game and violent movies Essay Patel 2 Many teenagers watch under age T. V. that is violent. These children are too young to be watching violent T. V. or the little kids are watching their parents watching violent T. V. Much of this violent T. V. affects the children by the way they act and the way they think. After watching violent T. V. shows most children develop terrible social skills, poor grades, and aggression towards others. The children that are allowed to watch these shows don’t view it as bad. By watching violent T. V. shows they forget what is right and wrong in the world and don’t know what is good for them or what is bad for them. These violent T. V. shows emerged with the new technology unknown to viewers, but the children take it as if it is good for them. Some of the positive effects are it helps kids learn by watching educational television programs. When the parents watching violent movies in front of their kids the parents don’t realize that this is affecting the children. â€Å" Media is the most ubiquitous source of violence encountered by the majority of children. (Erwin, Pg. 105). † The government had created a strengthen the reflexes of military personnel. The creators of video games base their games on the violent movies and TV shows. Many third party game inventors came out with poor quality games. In the 1990’s home video game use had increased and arcade play had decreased, the release of violent games had also begun. The professional teams trained coders who watch samples from the recorded television and they try to see if it is violent or not. All violence tends to be treated in the same way by a content analysis. (Gunter, Harrison Pg. 76)† More and more parents begin to see that these violent games aren’t just bad for their children, but are causing problems in the community. â€Å"Before young children even enter kindergarten they are exposed to over 4,000 hours of television viewing and by the time they Patel 3 leave elementary school children will have witnessed 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on just television alone. (Erwin, Levin Pg. 105). † By looking at these numbers the amount of violent the T. V. channels produce I think they need to make kids show a little less violent than they do. When the kids get older they will have gone through a lot more violence than anyone so there are chances that through out there life time they will do something violent. The kids learn to fight from violent video games or by watching violent T. V. shows. â€Å"In a study examining violence in over 2,700 television programs across 23 channels of broadcast networks, public broadcasting, and cable, Wilson et al found that nearly 7 out of 10 children’s shows contain some type of physical aggression. (Erwin Pg. 501)†. As Erwin said in the last research in 2002 nearly 2,700 T. V. programs have some sort of violent most of them were seen by kids and their family. The kids show have some violence as well and out of that 7 out of 10 children’s show contain physical aggression. Violent video games are a very large problem with many generations today. Children who see a lot of violence are more likely to view violence as an effective way to settling conflicts. By watching all the violent stuff not only will the children act differently but when they begin to see real violent actions they will appear emotionless and unfazed because of all the built up viewing time. The children that play teen rated video games see many things in these violent world of movie industries: Intense violence, Sexual Content, Use if drugs and illegal substances, and lots of blood. In many video games today violence is viewed from a first person point of view. â€Å"Courts have refused to hold media corporations liable for the violent content of child-entertainment products, but many legal commentators have argued for an expansion of the law. Patel 4 (Proman Pg. 427-28)† The decision taken by the court is not accurate because the violence that the children learn is from the T. V. shows so they should be charged or fined for making violent shows for little kids.

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