Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Various Ways of Financing Educational Boot Camps Research Proposal

The Various Ways of Financing Educational Boot Camps - Research Proposal Example According to the report findings Czech Republic is a country located in the Central Europe and it is landlocked. This country has around 1.3million citizens and out of this there is the youth group, in which many of them do not have basic education but are gifted and talented in many skills. To help these youths/students, there are educational boot camps operating in the country and in the countries around. Boot camps are units that began as government’s initiative or by corporate as a form of social responsibility to provide training for students who are talented and gifted in various skills but cannot afford to go to institutions that provide high education. Czech Republic’s government has taken some measures for it to become a renowned country in relation to human development. Currently, it is among the top 30 countries that have implemented measures to achieve the goal of human development within its borders. According to the World Bank, Czech Republic is a develope d country from 2006. As the research stresses there are many sponsors around the world who try to give back to the society even through charity and providing funds to improve the face of their company or improve their brand image in the market. Therefore, it will be of great importance if such sponsors who can take on this responsibility for a longer period of time and provide support to these students can be approached.

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