Monday, July 22, 2019

Online education vs traditional education Essay Example for Free

Online education vs traditional education Essay For hundreds of years we have been teaching traditionally to children with varying results, in the last two decades with the growing technology a new form of education has formed, online education. With high school being a pivotal time in teenagers life parents and educators have questioned is online education better for students over traditional methods. In the search to figure out which is better people have gathered evidence involving studies, polls, and research on the effect online education has on students. My first source used is written by Dan Lips, an article called â€Å"How Online Learning Is Revolutionizing K-12 Education and Benefiting Students† for the Heritage Foundation. The author’s tone is formal and persuasive. In the article he uses evidence such as facts, studies, and polls to persuade the readers to see the greatness of virtual education. Dan Lips uses high profile people who wrote books on virtual learning to increase credibility to his claim. The second source, â€Å"Students frustrations with a Web-based distance education course† by Noriko Hara and Rob Kling published in the online journal First Monday. This is an article based on the study the authors did on how students felt enrolled in an online class in college. While this is an article based on the feelings of college students this applies to the high school online education as they base high school online education on college online education so they are going to run into the same problems. The authors of this article were neutral to the study and were just reporting what was wrong with distance learning so as not to bias the results, and to get how the teacher and students feel about online learning. The authors use this article to caution students, teachers, and schools on some of the things wrong with online education and to not ignore the bad sides of online education because of mostly praise towards it. My last source is â€Å"Online High Schools Test Students Social Skills† by Paul Glader investigates the impact of online education on teens socially. Glader found that students enrolled in online high school often drop out due to the fact of them feeling lonely. The online high schools are trying to find ways to make teens spend time together in the virtual classrooms. High school is a pivotal time in everyone’s life that can shape your future.

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