Sunday, April 21, 2019

Human Devoloped Theories Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Human Devoloped Theories - Research Paper ExampleDiverse adult male development theories have been developed to predict, explain the different power points of the development. The paper will do an introduction to the make concept of the human development surmisal, the research evidence and the contemporary issues of the cognitive and psychosocial theories of the human development. The cognitive system refer to ego development that is understanding of how the child emerges and shapes a personal identity with goals, beliefs and strategies for achieving goals within the constraints of the society. On the separate hand, the psychosocial theory describe development stage that ar assumed to be build upon deed of the earlier stage that help to identify factors and processes that are likely to contribute to the observed decline in self-esteem of the children. These theories are outlined in turn, their similarities and differences are noted, and common criticisms are discussed to help understand the enormousness of each theory. The theories use stage models with similar concepts but organize them in different ways the psychosocial theory has eight development stages that show how the child develop at each stage on the other hand cognitive theory has four development stages that discuss the mental development of the child. Finally, the dominant stage in the two theories, the adolescent stage, is described, and some vital areas of the stage and the research based on it are mentioned.

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