Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Portfolio assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Portfolio assignment - Essay ExampleAn economic analysis will excessively be carried out to determine the factors that have influenced greatly the persona performance and as a guide the treasure of the portfolio.The companies in the portfolio include Apple, MasterCard, Target Group, Eli Lilly & Company and Tesla Motors Inc. the share performance from 20th September 2012 to nineteenth November 2012 is on a weekly basis for all five companies. Appendix 1 shows a put back showing the weekly share prices for the companies. Appendix 2 shows the value of the portfolio as at 19th November 2012.The initial value of the portfolio as at 20th September 2012 was at $25,000 and as at 19th November 2012, the value is $25,485.6 as shows in appendix 2. This is increase of approximately 2 percent. Apple, Eli Lilly and Target have their closing share prices at a price lower than the initial prices. Master card and Tesla have shown a higher(prenominal) closing price than their initial prices. Shar e prices performances are influenced by the internal activities of the company. Tesla anticipated increasing its tax income in the fourth quarter by 25 % since it was to introduce the S model in the market. This energy be the reason why its share prices went up. Apple is facing competition from other companies such as Nokia. Nokia has partnered with Chinese company and it has grabbed most markets in china. MasterCards 3rd quarter report shows that it had 7.8% increase in operating earnings compared to the previous quarter. It also had introduced a share repurchase program in June and proven to be effective in the 3rd quarter. This might have triggered the increase in prices.GDP experiences periods of boom, nook or depression and so does share prices undergo through the same cyclical period. The correlation betwixt GDP and share prices is very low (Reilly and Brown 2011). Investors are influenced by the returns they get from each vaulting horse they invest in the company. If the GDP increases in the 4th quarter by

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