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Strategic Management Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

strategical perplexity - Literature review ExampleThe next fundamental aspect of consideration is the most applicable dodging that would be viable if applied by the business. Identifying a viable outline needs a all-around(prenominal) consideration of all the factors that influence its application. The value chain analysis model offers a comprehensive strategy that is applicable to a number of businesses. The effectiveness of the strategies used would determine the position of the business to cope with the challenges from the macro-environment. Strategic Situation of Kepak Kepaks Business Environment Kepak is among the three dominant meat processors in the beef industry, in Ireland, wiz of the countries that have extensive beef industries with high production levels since the 1970s. Agribusiness and food be among the industries that be major boosters of the Irish economy. This is evident from its recognition by the Irish government, in 2010, as a one of the industries that ho ld the potential to boost the countrys exports. ... Several emerging trends in the macro-environment, most of which are beyond the firms control, present situations that the management must strategically address to stay in business. The firms management, for instance, faced a big test responding to the distressing economic situation in Irelands food and agriculture sector in late November 2010. Being amongst the most significant contributors in the sector, Kepak, through its management, had the obligation to find alternative remedies to the situation. Two sectors were in need of prompt action to render the situation, making the business environment present seriously challenging features to the management. The five forces model, developed by Porter, is of incident relevance in evaluating Kepaks business environment and recognition of the best position that presents a omnipotent situation. The model highlights five forces that create the competitive power in any business environme nt. The business presents a scenario in which consumers preferring high quality to low quality beef can easily switch to a competitors substitutes if they are of comparatively high quality. Industry rivalry is an inevitable reality since it is an point-blank market with Kepak as one of the three most known processors and other small-scale processors, which also brings the panic of new entrants. The bargaining power of suppliers and buyers presents one of the vital considerations that the firm must take when planning in the industrys business environment. Analysis of the Kepaks Strategy The year 2010, for instance, posed a great test to the management of Kepak because of the unpredictable nature of the business environment. The cost of operation incurred

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