Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Legalizition of Recreational Drugs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Legalizition of Recreational Drugs - Essay ExampleIn fact, the Eskimos atomic number 18 the only peck lacking tradition beca routine they have been unfortunate to grow anything and wait for other people to bring them alcohol. The use of medicate is justified in that it represents human beings appetite. The question of drug legalization either for medicinal or recreational value refers to whether or not people should be allowed to legally sell, buy, and use drugs for their protest personal diversion. gracious beings have used psychoactive drugs as back as more centuries ago. Many drugs are produced naturally by plants and easily accessed by people in society where they grow. Therefore, recreational drugs should be legalized in society and stop criminalization of people. If recreational are not legalized, criminalizing this drugs will creator more harm than good since it will create large profitable industry which supply these drugs. In addition, it will increase level of cr ime in society when people try to finance habits of the users. mind-altering drugs have been incorporated in social events much(prenominal) as celebrations, religious ceremonies, and rites of passage. When discussing the issue of recreational drugs, it is logical to talk about the harm associated with these drugs. Drugs can be taken on regular basis with no ill basis but long-term exposure and intake of drugs is harmful. Majority of people die from drug induced causes such as organ damage, heart attack, and even overdose. Apart from the self-inflicted harm, there is harm that is caused to others in society such as increased crime rate from users who cannot control their system since drugs consumed inhibits their legitimate decisions. stealing and muggings are commonly associated with addiction and women who are under the influence of drugs would engage in prostitution without their own convictions to do so. Children born in families where parents are drug users end up homeless p erson while family resources are depleted. The idea of selling and using drugs has both legal and moral issues. On ane hand, if the government legalized the use of drugs in society, we can deduce whether application of such drugs is profligate or not. If the constabulary allows an individual to engage or do certain things, it does not mean that the person should do it. On the other hand, even if use of drugs is not morally acceptable we can question ourselves whether the use of such drugs is illegal or not. The law has many flaws in that it allows us to do many things that are immoral such as saying lies to other people. These are some of the things that people should avoid morally we do not tolerate situations where the laws command us on how to lead private lives (Clifford 52-53). The whole purpose and motivation of using recreational drugs is for pleasure that they produce to the user. Search for pleasure comes natural to us as human beings. It is human nature that people are pleasure seeking and what makes life enjoyable is in pleasure of larger variety. There are pleasures in food, drugs, or romance. This way brain chemistry is altered in manner that provides unique pleasure to our body and through this we seek what can bring pleasures in our lives (Clifford 55). Human beings seek pleasure in moderation, whereby pursuing pleasure is morally acceptable

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