Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Business and Project Management , in a format of Questions-Answers Essay

Business and Project Management , in a coif of Questions-Answers - Essay ExampleIn this regard, Supportive PMO can be implemented in the Green Bull company.Moreover, Directive PMO main duty is to manage the military group in a directive manner, establish the project in such a manner that the quality of the project can be maintained for persistent time. Encouraging the work force and direct them in a consistent manner is the part of directive. Maintaining high professional standard for sustainability in the future is other important aspect that can be implemented by the company.Controlling is another important characteristic of PMO. To control the projects, PMO have to adopt some methodology, rules for the feeler of current project, which makes the project more successful than previous. Through controlling PMO has lodged triumph for the future (Cavallaro, 2013).Therefore, Green Bull has been implementing PMO who have these three characteristics. Notably, these three characteristi cs generate a successful PMO. PMO is the ultimate person who can assure quality for boilersuit products. As per the information, Green Bull has already completed five years in the market, and it has chain of known consumers who consume its products (Codling, 1995 Week 5, B_PM_Lecture_Slides_05_Part_2_2013).In the organization PMO is the only person who interacts with both higher authority as well as screwing level employees. In the matrix organizational structure PMO is positioned after the top-level management, and connects all departments of the organization. Therefore, Broad of Directors has been considered that recruiting PMO in the organization might create a risk for the overall process. Top-level managers have been considering different kind of risks due to this aspect. These are that PMO may increase the total head count and increase head counts misbalance in the work level. diminish head counts are more suitable for quality production management. Part time PMO is more use ful

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