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) Henry's speech was a call to action. What did he want his fellow Research Paper

) hydrogens run-in was a call to exploit. What did he want his fellow Virginians to do What were his justifications for the prop - Research Paper ExampleHe suggests that slavery and privation of freedom among them can only bring about more violence and oppression to the region. He asks the fellow Virginians to fight energetically for their rights and freedom as they owe iodine from the British Empire. His justification for this call is that, not fighting and being ignorant to the atrocities of British ministry can only lead them slavery and oppression . Henry also mentions that the life with less liberty can make the Virginians weak in performing their duties and responsibilities to their own nation. It also can be a disloyalty to the theology and the majestic heavens. He further argues that fleets of army and navy argon not necessary for the British ministry to impart freedom and human rights to the fellow Virginians. Henry addresses the one who oppose him by saying that, the war has already begun. He is commenting that things have gone far than expected and the Virginian fellow men have taken action mechanism to launch war against British ministry. Henry is making clear that the Virginian fellow men can get liberty only if they fight as the land site has gone out of hand Generally speaking, Slavery is the main theme in Henrys speech and this is illustrated widely by him throughout his speech in an imagery way. His imagery can be seen when he comments that the fellow Virginians are in the forged chains of British ministry. The only factor which crooks the fellowmen is the illusionary hope, which they nurture in their mind .They hope ardently that the British ministry would give them liberty in future times, but Henry see this hops as an illusion. Henry asserts that, the Virginian men and women are slaves of British colonists, and if they dont fight then the state of Virginians can only be deteriorated. Henry also comments that their senses are not sh ut towards the atrocities of British leaders and war is inevitable. The imagery element is highly experienced when Henry claims that the clamoring of the slaved Virginians can be heard boulder clay the plains of Boston. This kind of imagery put forward by Henry showcases the oppression and despair in the minds of the subjects of Virginia. The imagery of Henry can be reflected when he argues that the fellowmen has the boon of God of nature in fighting and they can win as they are in the favor of truth and liberty. The imagery of God has prominent influence on fellow Virginians as this re-imposed the religious thoughts and principles buried in their minds. Henry has intimidated the Virginians by declaring several resolutions to protect the human rights and liberty of the country men. angiotensin converting enzyme among them was the tax resolution which aimed the well being of the fellow Virginians. Henrys five resolution, known popularly as the Virginia Resolves, might have remained a local anesthetic matter had if not for the colonial press(pg.118,chapter Apparently, the imagery used by Henry like slavery and power of God and nature has well resonated among the Virginians because they turn over in God and can resemble things regarding their life to the Henrys speech. The Virginians of the British colony were living a life that resembled slaves and hence the call for action by Henry hit the Virginians hard. Henry knew that Virginians were religious people, thus the mention of imagery like Gods and natures power initiated a profound impact on his countrymen. Henry in his speech has taken the

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