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Terrorism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Terrorism - Research Paper ExampleTerrorism has existed throughout register and across different political systems. Just as there are many ways terrorism is carried out, many definitions of the term exist. However, all kinds of terror attacks revolve around use of violent methods of execution, targeting governments and civilians, with the sole mark of inculcating fear to force social and political changes. Terrorism began way back in the century of Judea, and it has changed in organization, financing and tactical manoeuvre throughout the years. For example, with the emergence of technology, terrorist groups in the twenty first century have greatly utilized this technology to make their demands. Terrorist groups evolve and adapt according to constantly changing law enforcement tactics and intelligence agencies. This is evident when we look at present day activities of these groups and the fact that some even hide behind the veil of religious groups and organizations. All states and nations submit to take necessary measures to protect the rights of every individual within their authority from terrorist attacks. Flexible counterterrorist policies and strategies need to be taken in order to be competent to respond to the threat of terrorism, which is divided and wide in scope. Keywords Terrorism, Terrorists, Terror Attacks, Organization, Financing, Tactics, Technology, Law Enforcement Tactics, Intelligence Agencies, States, Nations, Measures, Counterterrorist Policies Different forms of terrorism have been practiced all through story and across different political systems. ... In seventh century India, thugee cult members ceremonially throttled their victims in a practice of offering sacrifice to the Hindu goddess cognise as Kali (Kushner, 2003). The term terrorism appeared during the French revolution. The term was used by Edmund Burke, a British Political Philosopher, to define the situation in subversive Paris. White asserts that He referred to the viole nce as the Reign of Terror, and he used the word terrorism to describe the actions of the new government (2009, p.123). During the wars that took place in Napoleons reign, the inwardness of terrorism begun to undergo slight transformations. The Spanish during the Peninsula War called partisans patriots, while the French called them terrorists. Thus the meaning of terrorism shifted away from governmental repression and seemed to apply to those who resisted governments (White, 2009, p.123). The transformation in the definition of what terrorism is continued into the nineteenth century. The nature of European violence in the 1800s changed the meaning of terrorism in the minds of western people. Transition in the history of western terrorism was spearheaded by Heinzen and Most. Western terrorism had been formed by a circle of radical revolutionaries who administered mass executions on behalf of the French government. As Spanish partisans terrorized French troops with unconventional met hods after the 1807 French invasion of Spain, there was a subtle shift in the meaning of terrorism when socialists, anarchists and communists were identified as terrorists. Despite the fact the anarchists in the nineteenth century were identified as terrorist, they were no terrorists. This is because they did not

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