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Designing a Receptive Skills Lesson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Designing a Receptive Skills Lesson - Essay ExampleOne of the main ways of ensuring that the students argon provoke in what is being taught is to make the lesson more than interesting, in a more personal manner if possible. One of the ways to achieve the latter is to use prognostic in that before indulging in the topic, the students get the incur to brainstorm on what the topic is all about so that they can get the chance to express their ideologies as well as their understandings. The reason for the emphasis on the personal learning is due to the sense that people get to learn more when they are involved personally in the topic (Barone, 2011, p 38). The reason for the latter is on the basis that when students are involved in the topic, they are fitting to use their personal knowledge on the topic, which makes it one of the best ways of learning because people learn what is personally relevant to them. The material to be utilize as per this receptive skill lesson is the influen ce of micro intercommunicate on the movie attendance as obtained from http//www.enread.com/science/94834.html. The activities as per this lesson have been designed to turn an upper intermediate class in the C1 CEFR level. Aims of the lesson The aims of this lesson are stated in their level of importance. The basic aim for the students is based on their basic reading skills. To call forth their basic reading skills, detailed reading will be conducted. In addition, the students will receive information through the technique of finding words as well as phrases in the texts. The second part is aimed at the betterment of the students gist reading, listening and reading skills . To achieve this, the students will receive a shaving practice for the gist through the selection of the relevant summaries provided to them. The last language skills that the students are going to learn are the speaking skills. The reason for this is so that the students are able to improve their expertise of discussions through the use of groups, which can help them deliberate their human experiences with each other. This is mainly for the purpose of improving their speaking skills (Thompson, 2007, p 48). Tasks overviews Since the main theme that is persistent in the source text is that of the influence of micro blog on the movie attendance, as a start to the lesson, the first thing will be to get the students to be deeply involved in the material that is being taught (Appendix 1). To get them to be interested in the face matter mentioned in the latter, I will at first tell them to find the main idea sentence and read it aloud to help them improve on their reading skills. Secondly, I will give the students some time to ensure that they get the chance to understand the topic as well as understand what it is all about - this is for the purpose of improving their listening skills. The next thing is to get them to discuss on how they would answer why the micro blog is so influential to a person who does not have a clue about what the topic states. The reason why this question is important as per this lesson is because it will get their imagination to work, since they will have to think of some of the most basic concepts that are related to what they have read and find the overcompensate words to express themselves and using the speaking skills that they have gained they will be able to express themselves properly. The group engagements will also enable the students to think of

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