Monday, June 10, 2019

The use of practical resources for supporting learning within Essay

The use of practical imaginations for supporting learning within Mathematics - assay ExampleIt could help those students that have special needs, like those who have difficulties with the other resources (such as having a hard time in seeing the board callable to eyesight problems). It could withal help in the development of understanding number and mental calculation for as long as the correct type of resource has been used (Resources to Support Teaching and Learning Mathematics, n.d.).To support develop and learning, the use of primary resources is very important. Recent studies show that the provision of resources helped kinaesthetic learners in qualification sure that they learn best through movement and manipulation (Education Review Office New Zealand, 2007). Thus, so much attention has been given to such studies who aspire to look into the purposes of resources in supporting learning in various subjects such as mathematics. Aside from aiding the learning of students who l earn best through manipulation and movement, resources also have different purpose. Firstly, resources provide a visual image. A visual image allows mathematical concepts to be seen and understood clearly by students. As this penning focuses on primary school students, this is vital in explaining to them the different concepts in mathematics together with the different mathematical operations. Secondly, resources could help in supporting a calculation. Using practical sources in supporting calculation could help learners follow the process of calculating something (Tanner and Jones, 2000). At the same time, it will guide them through every stage that you have been through, making it easier for him or her to perform the same calculation. This is also necessary in teaching primary school students as they are and beginning to learn the different processes in performing the different mathematical operations. The teacher could make use of number lines in showing how calculations could be unconnected down in different steps, and that each jump

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