Sunday, June 9, 2019

Macro Economics Wall Street Journal Article Essay

Macro Economics Wall Street Journal Article - Essay ExampleIt could not however be fully associated with higher future income or enrollment in schools (Da Costa Wall Street Journal). The lives and welfare of these disadvantaged groups in America were however changed for the better.The macroeconomic value of the Summer Jobs Program for the Poor Youth is closely linked to the economic theories of Business Cycles and Unemployment. Investing in the summer jobs programs for the disadvantaged youths led to changes in the cycles of business and unemployment in America. Unemployment, which is a major factor affecting the young population in America is significantly reduced as more youths fit opportunities for employment. Increased income and savings will see more young people venture into individual business investments. Resultantly, more cycles of business will arise. The underlying assurance is that by being part of the active production, these disadvantaged youths lower their risks of imprisonment and death. Lowered cases of imprisonment and mortality imply an increased labor force provided by the prime-aged population and hence higher productivity. The economys business cycles and unemployment trends will, therefore, be

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