Thursday, August 8, 2019

Acdamic skill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Acdamic skill - Essay Example Sources, such as Google sources, are not that reliable, because anybody can publicly do things on the internet. However, books are generally considered more trustworthy because the author and publisher are clearly stated and they are held responsibility for its truthfulness. One reliable resource, found by Erik, A.(2010), had introduced product strategies for the iPhone, including four successful ways which are markets, product cycles, pricing and software. However, the iPhone was not the first smartphone to have mobile Web, email, and touch-screen user interface capabilities, but it was designed to offer an improved experience compared to other smartphones. Firstly, this resource is reliable; because of its demand media. Secondly, it is useful for this research proposal. The significant aim of this article is exploring the iPhone product strategy, it was designed to offer an improved experience compared to other smartphones. Following the four product strategies for the iPhone which are markets, product cycles, pricing and software, we can clearly see the iPhone why can be successful. These four aspects are indispensable to the business strategies. According to Dorrell, E. (2007), more than half of the consumers in the UK stipulate that Apple iPhones are too expensive. Two weeks after the launch in the UK, the vote at the market research company GFK NOP showed that more than 70% of the consumers feel that the proposed retail price of  £269 was on the high side while only 2% of the respondents considered buying an iPhone. This resource, found by a newspaper, makes it reliable. And using customer interviews further increases its reliability. The main purpose of this paper is for customer surveys to getting the price of the iPhone to a more detailed study of the iPhone business strategy. Furthermore, collecting data is the important way to get a reliable source. Due to this fact received from this

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