Saturday, August 24, 2019

What cultural challenges do multinational corporations face with Essay - 2

What cultural challenges do multinational corporations face with people management in some overseas locations Critically discuss using illustrations to demonstrate your argument - Essay Example In particular, the paper will focus on the human resource challenges, challenges as a result of the new environment, organisational culture and cultural ways of conducting business among others. Different countries present different conditions that favour business to thrive. For instance, some prepare policies that act as a guide for companies willing to enter the country and conduct business (Hofstede, 2001). A cultural business analysis dictates that differences in cultures have a huge impact on the success of a foreign company. The culture of a country influences how the people perceive foreign business. In particular, the cultural aspects of the business environment to the business create awareness about the ways to deal with intercultural communication in business relation (Hofstede, 2001). It is always the case that many countries require that their local nationals are given a quota of certain positions by corporations establishing in their territories. Kogut and Singh (1998) argued that in many instances, the management professionals have challenges in getting the people with the required expertise following inadequate training or lack of advanced degrees. While education is held in high regard across different nations, there is some stereotype type that getting an education from certain areas is more superior to others. As a consequent, finding employees at home who are qualified or even ready to fill high profile positions in a context outside of their home country may prove quite an overwhelming task (Lewis, 2011). It is also the case that some employees have preferences to serving some areas of the world compared to others based on cultural differences (Lakomski, 2001). This presents challenges for the human resources of the large multinationals in trying to hire its workforce in their overseas offices. Retaining and engaging workers in foreign locations

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