Wednesday, August 28, 2019

John Q Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

John Q - Essay Example As the discussion highlights he holds several people hostage inside the hospital and his demand is that his son’s name should be placed on the donor recipient list as soon as possible. The hostage negotiator steps back for a while so that John can cool off and in the meantime, John interacts with some of the hostages. One of them is a young pregnant couple Miriam and Steve, who are anxious about their baby and hope it is healthy. Another couple are Julie and Mitch and it is evident to everyone that Julie’s broken arm is not the result of the car accident as the couple claim but rather the result of Mitch beating her up. From this paper it is clear that John agrees with the hostage negotiator to release a few hostage if his son’s name is place don the recipient list within an hour. In a quarrel that breaks out between Mitch and Steve as to who is to be released, Mitch throws a racial slur at Steve and the two men begin to fight. When John Q intervenes to try and pull them apart, Mitch sprays pepper spray on him and also stabs him with a scalpel. As they wrestle with each other, John Q’s gun is knocked away and Mitch exhorts his girlfriend to pick it up and hand it him. She however sprays him with pepper spray instead, kicking him viciously to repay him for his beating her. John manages to grab the handcuffs from a guard and lock Mitch to the radiator. He releases Steve, Miriam and another pregnant hostage named Rosa. In the meantime however, despite the negotiator’s efforts, the police inspector decides to overrule him and intervene in the matter. A SWAT team is enlisted to send a sniper into the building. Meanwhile, John Q has a conversation with his wife and son, assuring them that all will be well, quite unaware that his emotional, personal conversation is also being picked up by the TV cameras and mikes.

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