Friday, August 9, 2019

Teen Suicide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Teen Suicide - Essay Example There could be several reasons why a teenager would end his life. It could be stress, depression, or pressure to perform or urge to achieve something. Sometimes problems in families like divorce of parents can also result in deep sense of shame and stress causing the teenager to get psychologically ill. Getting in to a new school or neighborhoods can also create pressure. The reasons for such an act are many and complex. When a person has tried all things in order to solve one's problems the ultimate way of escape seems to be suicide. Many teenagers who have attempted to commit suicide were interviewed; most of them wanted to get of a situation but did not want to die. However sometimes the stress of something, or feeling of loss or hurt is so great that it is difficult to overcome it. The feeling of disappointment is not easy to overcome and usually results in self-inflicted death. Suicide is one action which creates an emotional trauma in the entire family to unprecedented extent. When somebody in the family and especially teenagers commit suicide the whole family, friends and the people who might be related to the person in any way feel guilty. Most of the people believe that they could have done something in order to stop it. This sense of confusion and guilt usually sends other people in a state of depression. People who do not even know him, by just hearing the news get mentally upset. Though it is definitely true that the worst form of aggression is suicide, and it is also true that the victim gets punished the most; he loses his life. However, people who are related to him also get punished all life long. Such families usually get socially isolated. The families' friends are either in a state of shock themselves and do not know what to do or how to calm the teenager's family members, or in some cases they isolate the members and consider them as the cul prits. In such case, it is our duty to start communication with such people and help them in any way we could. Families are affected the most as they carry this burden all their lives (Kids Health, n.p). Anniversaries and birthdays are the most difficult part. Sometimes during the holidays when all family members are together, the sense of loss is often over bearing. This might cause tension in the family. However, the members of the family should see that everybody in the family is grieving. People have different ways of showing sadness, some might sit alone and quiet, others might show anger. However, family members should support each other and see that yet another suicide does not take place (Kids Health, n.p). The friends and the entire school body usually feel guilty. Teenagers usually spend more time with friends and in the school; hence it is normal that the friends will feel that they could have changed something in order to prevent the suicide from happening. However, victimizing ones self and others does not help and the entire school body should help each other pass through the difficult time (Kids Health, n.p). If the family, mother or the father sees that it is becoming difficult from them to cope with, they should always

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