Sunday, August 25, 2019

Discussion question only Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion question only - Essay Example The question was ‘You should get your first cholesterol test at age 45.†, to which I answered fiction because I believe you should start younger. The elaborated answer says â€Å"Everyone should get a cholesterol test at least every five years, starting in their 20s† so I am unclear as to how my answer was wrong. It is important to monitor cholesterol levels. The questions concerning heart arrhythmias were all answered correctly accept for the answer that all arrhythmias could be detected by an electro cardiogram. Apparently some arrhythmias can come at different times of activity and may not be apparent at the time of the test. I was unaware that 2600 people die of heart disease every day. I also was not aware that prescribing antibiotics may be necessary in the case of a heart murmur as a preventative measure. I am at low risk for Diabetes II. The three things that I can do to decrease my already low risk is: Eat more whole grains: aim for 3 servings per day. - Eat unsaturated fats, like liquid vegetable oil, on most days (but watch your calories to avoid gaining extra weight). - Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Is the media a valuable resource to help consumers improve their knowledge for prevention of cancer and heart disease? Provide an example of one media source you feel is valuable and one you feel might be harmful. Explain and support your reasoning. The media source that is both the most valuable and the most harmful as a resource for knowledge on cancer and heart disease would be the internet. The internet is an extremely valuable tool for anyone needing to research an ailment that has appeared in life. With access to medical information, definitions, and treatment explanations one can research an affliction in a way that allows the information to be absorbed, contemplated, and then acted upon. In a doctor’s office one has a few minutes to hear what is said and must digest that information under the pressure of the

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