Monday, August 12, 2019

Market Structure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Market Structure - Essay Example However, further he adds that the PeopleSoft products will not be integrated into Oracle offerings and PeopleSoft programmers would have to rewriter the most important functions from the scratch as part of the new Oracle software. Following these two contradicting claims, the conclusion can be made that Oracle just wants to eliminate the dangerous competitor while the interests of PeopleSoft customers are not taken into account at all. In addition, Ellison has claimed that mergers with other smaller rivals are of no interest for Oracle, probably because they do not present the threat for Oracle market standing. Nevertheless, in the long run the merge will prove to be beneficial for the consumers because the company will be able to use specialists of PeopleSoft as the tool to develop new programs aimed at making data easier to manage. Both Oracle and PeopleSoft focus on stand-alone products and probably would not survive and meet growing demands of customers. The PeopleSoft have limited offerings and merge with Oracle provides the opportunity to become the team within the larger structure and accelerate the consolidation among the vendors.

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