Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Explain the future of Global Aviation which includes regulation, Essay

Explain the future of Global Aviation which includes regulation, economics and organizational entities involved - Essay Example The root of crises at the level of air carriers and aviation industry is fragmentation, one of the major weaknesses of airport management is a monopoly in the provision of services and ground service and refueling. Another problem, the complexity of current state of civil aviation and prospects of its development is the lack of transparent and economically viable national system of rates for airport fees and tariffs. The rates for airport fees and tariffs do not match the quality of services provided. In conjunction with practiced monopoly suppliers of kerosene in airports are extremely negative impact on the regularity and profitability of the airlines, often resulting in delays and the cancellation of flights, and sometimes for an end to the flights of individual carriers from any airport. International experience shows that the competition in the global airline industry, aviation industry and organization / management of air traffic can not develop completely independently and requires strong and coordinated support to the state. This calls for an early launch a comprehensive program of reform and greater coordination of the management industry in the new national project. Governments should adopt and consistently enforce the set-up that includes economic incentives and administrative practices aimed at consolidating the industry. This should set clear and transparent criteria under which these airlines should be enlarged. There should be the market of specialization airlines (as they enlarge) - domestic / international, local / long-haul, cargo / passenger transport. Such specialization should meet the needs of the population and the economy and meet the profile of the carriers(Baldwin, 1999). It is necessary to realize the strategy of building a national network of airports, combining ticks carrying

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