Monday, August 12, 2019

IS Project Implementation Plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

IS Project Implementation Plan - Research Paper Example In citing an example of virtual organization, the case of an engineering company, John Brown Engineers and Construction concern comes into question. The company fulfills the globalization attribute of a virtual organization in operating through a network of 30 countries having a total employee base of around 21,000 people. Moreover, the company operates based on its own privately designed information systems linking the different offices of the concern. Through such developed and interlinked information technology network the employees of the company can effectively retrieve, share and implement information gained from large databases stored in the system. Thus, the people with information technology can effectively use the large pool of technological and other knowledge resources that would be required for the proper functioning of the organization. Moreover, the management of the company through the existence of information technology sources has also taken resort of developing a v ideo conferencing facility through which the directors and managers sitting at head office can learn the activities pursued in different units round the globe. Again, such use of technology also helps the management to get effective feedback from the employees in regards to operation and customers and thereby can design strategies differently to enhance business competitiveness (Igbaria and Tan, 1998, p.48). The business managers at John Brown Engineers and Construction concern worked to enhance and implement specific business strategies focused on globalization in the light of the information technology resources and opportunities gained. The Chief Executive Officer of the company identified the need for strategic alliances both within the internal and external policy framework to gain a competitive business position in the climate of globalization. Thus to gain the opportunity of strategic alliances the

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