Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Book report on Beast on the Haitian Hills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Book report on Beast on the Haitian Hills - Essay ExampleHe does not remember in Voodoo and its beliefs. He considers that those people who believe in Voodoo argon irrational and gullible. For him, Voodoo has no importance in life. The story revolves roughly the character of Morin. Morin is shown as a sycophant who is involved in extramarital affairs for most of his time. He belongs to upper class society and works at a grocery store.Morin gets an opportunity to fulfill his dreams when his wife gets expired. He moves to the countryside to leave his life there. After reaching the countryside, he recognizes that all his imaginations concerning country life are faulty as he judges country life as boring and unrespectable. He comes to feel that all the farmers working in country life are uneducated and are free from each etiquettes. The residents of countryside are unable to give Morin his due respect as a learned and educated person. Morin becomes an torrent by considering his fla wed dream and his wifes death. In his alcoholic state, he misbehaves to the peasants and farmers. After considering slightly the behaviors of peasants of countryside, Morin decides that he would not allow any peasant or farmer to develop any signifier of relationship to him.By adhering to the notion of restricting the peasants to correspond with him, he builds a wired boundary near his land due to which, the entrance of farmers and peasants is blocked in his locality. The peasants and farmers face a lot of problem because of his follow up as his land is present at a place, where there is major resource of water. The peasants and farmers are needful to go to distant place to fetch up water for their needs because of Morins restriction. This action of Morin infuriates the residents of countryside.Bossuet is a country resident who is profoundly infuriated because of Morins actions. People living in the countryside fear Bossuet because of his example of

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