Sunday, May 12, 2019

Please give a conclusion of this presentation Essay

Please crock up a conclusion of this presentation - Essay ExampleFor a good student, after graduation, he or she is married and take time to think about the future life. Get money and save for the stake of the future life and for the coming generation.For students, the major aim is to have focus on the future life. For a good student, he or she is supposed to have a good future by casual very well and avoid debts in order to build wealth by saving from the lower-ranking earned at work. It is health to save money because of emergency and wealth make. Also one nates avoid impulse buying because of the stress one faces and may lead to a syndrome problem. In building the wealth one must create a budget that will govern and direct the investment funds procedures. Wealth has values like creating security to someone and promotes investment. One should avoid credit cards because they serve a lot of spending. It is a challenge for the students to focus on their lives and think about th eir

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