Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 28

Response - hear ExampleThey were trained to embrace death without fear or panic. To ensure they faced their dreadful disputes, as societys militants, they were prepared psychologically to be ready for death by accepting to slide by when presented with a dilemmatic situation of choosing either life or death.The philosophy that deemed essence of Bushido undoubtedly helped to instill heroism amongst the Samurai warriors. It was like they were fighting a battle they had nothing to lose. Their only mission was to take down as many enemies as possible. This religion/ philosophy influenced the psych of the warriors making them protect Japan from its foes. However, this philosophical concept is understandably dissimilar from that Judeo-Christian view of death. In Judeo-Christian, people are alive until they physically die. The unrelenting wars that were seen in Japan during the mid-20th Century can be attributed to these cultural teachings that the fighters had. The Japanese World War II was battled by the philosophical conceptions that significantly motivated the warriors to engage in an unrelenting battle.As a matter of fact, the challenge Japan gave America and other nations during the World War was as a result of its deep gardening that had saliently spelt out dos and donts. As Benedict recounts, it was virtually difficult to understand the certain nature of the Japanese culture. It is like the Japanese had a bipolar culture that constituted all the fundamental features. Its inimitability and unpredictability would confound every rival that sought to challenge Japan. No one knew what to include in the propaganda meant to demoralize the Japanese soldiers. Japan was a mystery. They were invincible they were a real puzzle to the international community.The mystical to Japans tenacity was on their deep cultural philosophy known as summation of Bushido. The Japanese soldiers mental status

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