Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Health Policy Advocate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

wellness Policy Advocate - Essay Exampleices that are most effective and efficient, restoring more volunteerism to the health consider sector, empowering community rating and no-fault health care insurance with tiered premium systems insured facing continuing high-risk behavior, practice labor substitution for those process steps that can be made routine, increase the supply of health care provider to levels available to everyone in the society, empowering primary care providers to control usance and self-referral and increasing use of information technology to avoid waste and medical error (McLaughlin, 375-388).When advocate take over above levers and apply them to improve health care, there is a possibility of a positive focal point towards achieving a universal health coverage that is efficient and effective. Having affordable health care services as the fulcrum of an advocate goal to improve health policy, health insurance acts as the most appropriate circular because it ins urers health care consumers from any economic consequences. High cost of health care has been the main verification to patients accessing effective medication since many people in the society are low-income earners. It will provide root to the opaque of information on quality and price by providing relevant information for effective heath care to the hands of the consuming public. As advocate, at some point we will have achieved a health system policy that improves patient-physician relationship that reaches an appropriate balance between industrialization and professionalism (McLaughlin,

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