Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Drugs Essay -- essays research papers

DrugsDrugs have unendingly been a big part of our society. Many issues arise with whether or non some of them should be legalized for medication purposes or if they all should just be kept as illegal. Drugs are a very interesting topic to make up ones mind about and discuss. There is so many things that people dont know and maybe they should. Not everyone is aware of all the risks or what can overtake to you if you contain caught with them. If youre hirey to hear about five illegal drugs, then Im ready to share what I have constitute out about them. cannabis, also known as cannabis, pot, weed, herb, green, Mary Jane, joints, bong toke, and reefer (Drug Use,, is probably one of the most controversial drugs. People dont know if they want to legalize it to help cancer patients or if they want to keep it illegal so that it doesnt run abused by other people. Marijuana is classified as a class B drug. It is illegal to have, sell, or give away. The maximum sentences you can receive in a magistrates court is 3 months in jail and a $500 fine (Illegal, add/illegal.html). Also if you are caught you will have a record and it will keep you from acquiring jobs want a teacher and working in a bank, so watch out. Most of the time marijuana is smoked. The users like to mix it with tobacco and whorl it into a cigarette. After smoking it, it will leave a sweet herbal smell behind, which is hard to describe but easily recognizable (Illegal, Not only can marijuana be smoked it can also be eaten or inhaled. Any way you do it you still get the same effects.The only things that will change the effects you will receive are according to your mood or the atmosphere in which it is smoked. A traffic circle of the people will become relaxed, but then you have those who will become very giggly. Smoking marijuana can also cause you to get the munchies, so you need to be pre pared to eat just about anything. Many times the people who smoke marijuana become lazy and be to put things off they also get a loss in memory. The biggest danger comes from the actual smoking. Like tobacco, marijuana has a high tar factor, so smoking it can cause bronchitis and cancer (Illegal, www.impington.cambs... ...r writhe on the floor, terrorized by grisly visions, or imagine himself so indestructible that he walks into a pitiable car (Modell and Lansing, 42). When on LSD many people experience a bad trip. When having a trip you can become very panic-struck and have panic attacks and feel anxious. Sometimes they forget it is the drug and they then think that they are going mad. People dont usually get dependent on LSD, but someone who does use too much too often can feel out of touch with the real world (Illegal, So, like I stated before, drugs are a very interesting topic to learn about. I think that anyone that is taking drugs or considering using drugs should really read up about them and I know that they might just change their mind about what they are doing. Drugs are very dangerous and if you want consist your life being addicted to them and ruining your body then go right ahead and do that. Damaging my brain and my liver just doesnt sound very cool to me. All I can say is never do drugs, unless you want to live a life that will always be effected by the drugs you are taking.

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