Tuesday, May 14, 2019

International HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

International HRM - Essay ExampleThis paper discusses that earlier the description of HRM was only limited to hiring and firing of employees. The HRM process of the company only poreed on the increasing the productivity of the company by recruiting good employees. After the development of the trade unions the company started focusing more on improving its relationship with the organizational members. Then employee relationship was included in the definition of HRM. In the youthful 70s the companies started conducting training, implementing appraisal system, organizing welfare activities etc. All of these HRM processes helped the companies to increase their productivity and satisfaction level of their employees. In 1980 parley process was added to the definition of HRM.In this essay various concepts of International HRM have been discussed. There are legion(predicate) factors which influence IHRM process of a company. For these factors various complexities arises in IHRM which a re highlighted in this case. The traditional concept of IHRM has many another(prenominal) limitations for which modern theories of IHRM are used in the companies. The role of Globalization in IHRM is also discussed in this essay.The focus of HRM definitions changed with the changing business environment. This is because earlier the companies were only concerned to increase their productivity but gradually they started realizing the value of employees.So they incorporated many new things in the definition of HRM for satisfying the employees and retaining them for long time.

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