Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Most Important Interpersonal Skills Required of a Compliance Officer Research Paper

Most Important Interpersonal Skills Required of a Compliance incumbent - Research Paper ExampleIn some jurisdiction, complains policemans can perform consultative roles such as advising and supporting business transactions as well as other functions performed by the firm. The residency officer has the responsibility of overseeing all compliance activities and has substantial authority in an organization (Heller, Murphy and Meaney 20-24). Moreover, compliance officers shake up direct access to senior persons in an organization such as the company president and oldtimer executive officers. In addition, compliance officers be required to operate independently without the influence of other persons in an organization. Therefore, compliance officers have critical roles to play in enhancing successful performance of a firm. In hunting lodge for compliance officers to be effective in their duties there argon certain interpersonal skill they are required to possess. This paper focuses on the most important interpersonal skills required of a compliance officer, which intromit negotiation skills, communication skills, investigative/analytical skills, qualifications, and confidence.Having appropriate negotiation skillsis important in several jobs including universe a compliance officer. Compliance officers are often involved in making company policies are thus required to be able to negotiate with other department heads they may be operative with. Moreover, compliance officers often negotiate with regulators such as external auditors on the measures that firms are required to lease in order to satisfy the set regulatory requirements. Moreover, when disputes regarding compliance arise in a company, the compliance officers are required to settle the disputes (Heller, Murphy and Meaney 105-109 Safian 28-31). Some compliance officers are accorded great mandate and are required to negotiate with powerful stakeholders such as important political figures or producers in a firm such as financial

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