Thursday, May 23, 2019

Particular aspect Essay

Another group of wiccan practitioners whose sexual orientations deviate from the standard healthy and loving issue argon the gays, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who are most welcome in the covens, study groups, and circles. Chris is a hairdresser who is a self-confessed Wiccan believer and practitioner. According to him, he feels soothing with the teachings of the liberal Wiccan religion that do not shun gay relationships and their sexuality.For him, the equal acceptance of the Neo-pagan radiation diagram of individuals with differing sexual orientation attracted him to the Wiccan religion. Similarly Carol, a paralegal for a law firm who joined Chris as new members of the wiccan community were graciously welcomed as a perspective approach to feminism and empowerment of women within a predominantly male culture in Salomonsen (2002). Although they both believe that they belong to a traditional group, they are well aware that their group does not curb traditional spiritual practice.According to Carol, their religious framework descends from the Gardnerian wicca and was founded in 2004. Like most traditional groups, they reject the prejudice of modern culture and religions that teach fanaticism and hate. For Chris and Carol, the interpretation that wicca is a religion incorporating witchcraft is a falsity. My Findings Clearly the wiccan religious movement that existed in different countries after the repeal of the Witchcraft act originated from the pre-christian pagan religion practice.Guided by their own principles and standards under a non-formal doctrine they have created solidarity among themselves. But without a centralized organization, they have suffered religious denominational separation as conflicts arise regarding their beliefs and ethics. Commonly, as constant arguments evolved, other practitioners tend to separate and convene with other groups who are agreeable to their norms and standards.The agreement on the particular aspect of wiccan practice however upholds against the wrongful persecution and notion that the wiccans practice witchcraft, sorcery and other demonic acts. Wiccans also believe that there is a tremendous need to create a balance between masculine and feminine gender. They worship God, and other Christian teachings and integrate this with the elements of Wicca which includes respect for nature, caring roughly the environment, celebrating at solstices, equinoxes and harvest festivals.The conflicting beliefs about deity found in the two religions might be difficult as most Christians regard themselves as monotheists and believe in the Holy Trinity, placid of the Father God, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The Wiccan belief though is under a duo theistic deity structure of a Goddess and a God consort to Rountree (2002). There is no actual variance with each other as long as the Wiccan beliefs is not equated and compared with the conservative Christianity.

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